Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer is here, time to CHEER :D

I CANNOT believe that the first year of college officially ENDED.
*wipes sweat off of forehead from studying for finals*

So much happened this year, and I'm so appreciative for all the amazing opportunities, for all the amazing new people I've met, and for the ones who have supported me all along! 
This year has been amazing to me both academically and extracurricular wise!
It's sometimes an outer body experience for me to even look back at older posts and think "whoa! I did that-that was real life, not a dream?!"
I've worked so hard this year to get great grades, and succeed career wise, and I'm very proud of myself <3

That's why...this summer is all mine, MiNe, MINE, because I deserve it after all the hard work and energy I've put in!
I've already started my bucket list and I can't wait to cross out everything over my list!
It's so refreshing to say the least, to toss my textbooks, and finally get my creative flow going!
This summer's word is CAREFREE, and that's just what I'll be!

I've already faced one of my fears by sitting FRONT ROW on Kinda Ka at Six Flags which was the most AMAZING experience! I went from being scared of getting on a baby coaster to THIS, and I can thank the amusement park Gods!

Forget Superman, here comes Superwoman ;)

Flower Child at  !
Dyeing my roses as if I were the cards painting roses in Alice in Wonderland
Ke$ha would be proud of my use of glitter 
I'm going to be creating A LOT of collaborative art this summer such as painting murals (and flowers!) and making mosaics with talented artists I've worked in the past with, and new artists that I can't wait to learn from!
Forever living in the big city as if we live in a small city!

SUMMER 2013 BABY <3 !!! 
Live it up! What are your plans for the hot days ahead?!

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