Friday, March 15, 2013

The life of a Seventeen Magazine Intern: The Intern Files!

 It's magical enough to have an inside view and know whats going on months ahead of time for your favorite magazine, but it's even more magical that I truly have my own computer at Seventeen. This ladies, is equivalent to the excitement that we all felt when we entered high school and had our OWN locker. Something about having your own space for creativity to call yours is an unexplainable feeling of physically being present in the moment.

No matter what duty I'm given to do, in the back of my mind it's amazing to know that I'm behind the weaving a scarf-I helped put it together <3

Isn't it great having Ezra Miller say 'Good Morning' to you every beautiful day?!
Yes, it really becomes a good morning then!

Ezra is extremely talented, charismatic, humorous, and down-to-Earth, and truly a pleasure to talk with!

BTW that's THE Betsey Johnson on the right at her prom!


Having fun in the office~excuse me as I go up to collect my Oscar :) !

These are pics that I took during the Holiday Season at Hearst!

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