Friday, March 1, 2013

Interviewed Christine Quinn @ Rosie Mendez's Birthday Party

Both politicians Christine Quinn (who will hopefully be our next Mayor soon!) and Rosie Mendez are Pretty Amazing women because they both fight for women's rights, gay rights, and education reform! They serve as pure inspiration for me to stay strongly invested in my beliefs, and to never give up on fighting for equal human rights!
I'm so happy that I got to witness Nydia Velazquez getting signed into court earlier this month and then got to celebrate Rosie Mendez re-running for office, as well as Christine Quinn running for Mayor! Such exciting news, especially as a feminist! Girl power at it's finest! Rosie the Riveter would be so proud!


Rosie Mendez last night jokes that she's known Christine Quinn for such a long time that she knew her when she was straight! Ha!

Cuper Cakes that the Girl's Club Sweet Things Bake Shop made!

Happy Birthday Rosie!!

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