Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justin Bieber's Concert at Madison Square Garden made me a true Belieber!

What can I say, the night I saw Justin at Madison Square Garden courtesy of Guggenheim Museum's VIP booth, I confirmed myself as a Belieber! Justin's soothing voice filled up the audience of thousands of screaming girls, and his dance moves made even the 8 year olds have a crush on him. Due to this, you even can't imagine the audiences' screaming when Justin showed off his well-built 6 abs! Besides every girl admiring this talented young man, I personally also admired the set! The venue opened with a countdown and Justine flying out with HUGE metallic wings that any Victoria's Secret Model would be envious of! There were numerous artistic takes on various songs that featured Justin's home videos as a kid, a short documentary about him cutting his hair and critics saying that he won't 'last long', and even visual stunts such as him falling and disappearing into footage of him in water swimming with his female backup dancers! The show was visually appealing, and extremely entertaining as I danced the night away with my fellow Girl's Club members! As I took the train home, my ears were still ringing, however it was a pleasurable ring that reminded me of how much fun that night truly was!

Carly Rae Jepson and The Wanted opened the set!

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