Saturday, December 15, 2012

Busy Bee is on FIRE!

Greetings Fashionistas! I hope you have been enjoying the holiday spirit!
This month, I was SO busy to post, which I apologize for. 

My planner has been happily filled with post-its, highlighted days, to-do lists, and daily happenings.
Balancing college classes, my fabulous internship, empowering programs, fun events, STUDYING FOR FINALS *wipes sweat off of forehead*, and hanging out with my friends, all paused my blog for a bit.
However...all my finals are almost done, and I'm happy to say that I'm doing great in all my classes :)) !

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys has been my theme song since September. I AM A GIRL ON FIRE.

Please stay tuned, because new blog posts are coming soon!
Super Nova


  1. How you can manage all that is beyond me,I know my finals have me sleeping in the library,best of luck!

  2. Super Nova, you are true inspiration...