Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Backstage at Stacy Igel's Boy Meets Girl Fashion Show at NYFashionWeek

Its that time of year again-the one and only exciting September New York Fashion Week! It was a GREAT pleasure to be able to write a blog post for Stacy Igel's Boy Meets Girl Fashion Show that took place at The Metropolitan Pavilion! Stacy's idea behind the show was "Forever Young" and focusing on the mesmerizing love between Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Their romantic story showcases a young couple growing, learning, and getting inspired from each other's creativity. Being free-spirited, bohemian, and carefree are the motivations behind the collection. Stacy says that the Boy Meets Girl brand is for an "uptown to downtown girl"-a girl who's doing things for herself while having fun! This brand statement is the reason I feel lovingly connected to the clothes. The soft fabric, and laid back looks express being comfortable in your own skin. Igel also touched upon the importance that music has on her designs, because she's constantly playing music while designing, cutting and sewing. This love of beats, made her pursue Wyclef Jean with Cris Cab and Jarina De Marco to perform at, and during her runway show. Not only was the music and fashion on point, but the atmosphere was the definition of a good time. At the Pavilion, there was a Dance Dance Revolution section to enjoy laughs with your friends while sharing the silliest moves, a snack section to recharge after a long day, and even a makeup/styling section to amp up all of the fashionista's looks. Where ever I looked people were exchanging smiles, and were celebrating "music, fashion, and life" together!

Stacy & I <3

The Inspiration:

Stacy & her Husband

Stacy & Her Mother

Stacy & Her Father

Tara, Stacy, & Rosario

Wyclef & Cris Cab joins the ladies

My mom Dijana Mesin @ dijanamesin.blogspot.com who created her own facepainting and mine as well, here photographed with Rosario!

 The models dancing before the show

The cute goodies I was gifted! Thank you so much Boy Meets Girl!

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