Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Amazing Grace! How sweet your work!

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Grace Lee Boggs spoke at a Cooper Union about her participation in activism from a young age. Now, still an activist in her 90s, she's inspired to teach the younger generation on how evolution is a huge part of starting a revolution. She truly feels motivated by believing that the change must start from us in order to start in the world. As a identifying feminist, pacifist, and humanist, I strong identify with her morals. For decades she has fought for integration, and women's rights. I love and admire that she breaks the boundaries as an Asian-American and continues with her involvement. 

She stated that she wants to break the stereotype of Asian women not being aggressive, and not showcasing their thoughts. I really respect that she is so passionate about what she does that she takes in strangers into her home in Detroit where she encourages people to take on stimulating conversations about ranging topics effecting the world, and corruption. I appreciate also that at the end of all her discussions she leaves everyone with a book. Her enthusiasm and provocativeness really makes the difference and it was such an honor to hear her speak about her decades of experience and her life journey.
It's important as an activist to stay self-less and to fight til the end which I know Grace has done. I wonder what it's like to look back at your life and see how truly far you've come. I look back at 9th grade an see how much I've changed! I can't imagine doing the same in my 90s! Grace is an activist that also is a philosopher which is essential because she advises one what to do, and makes the talk into action. She has proof for her work and it can't go about unnoticed. Her achievements are remarkable, and she deserves her Legend title.

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  1. "I look back at 9th grade an see how much I've changed! I can't imagine doing the same in my 90s!"

    A playful analogy, Nova!!! Bravo!!!

    Tvoj tata