Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm sorry...Do I creep you out?

This week's focus was one of my FAVORITE artists Cindy Sherman. I have nothing but respect for her artwork. The idea behind this mini photo shoot at MoMA was to showcase my alter ego. I thought hard about how I might be seen through other people's eyes and how that compares to my own views. This photo embodied me as an overachiever. The girl that smiles through all the pain of hard work. The one that is too much of a perfectionist to create something that isn't full out done.

The dark spots under my eyes portray the late nights I've been up to complete the work that had to be done. The ultra cheesy smile represents my overly enthusiastic love of reaching success. The overdrawn cheekbones represent symbolically how much I want everything to be perfect and in place as I visually pictured in my head. Just the fact that the cheeks are put the way they are can be seen as me playing a doll  or a robot that has no human emotions. Most of the time when people think of overachievers they think of them as this machine that can't stop and doesn't let emotions get in the way of goals but in truth, there's way more depth than that going on in a person's life. Even the idealized have their moments that no one knows of. 

I wanted the first picture to play up the fact that I won 1st place so I hid the "2nd label" and emphasized my excitement. For this photo I show that I'm disappointed at myself for not winning. I love how it shows both sides to the story and how perspectives could change just based on a label. This was a fun stereotype to play with because it seemed relative to every active teenager that is taking charge of life as I feel I am. Using comedic relief broke the ice and let the art come through.

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