Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Morning Baltimore!

The Girl's Club and I embarked on a journey when they rented out a 16 passenger van for girls to visit Baltimore, Maryland this weekend. After a four hours drive and a night to hang out and rest, the next day, the adventure started.

We visited the American Visionary Arts Museum, and we were honored to receive a personal tour by the found of the museum herself, Rebecca. She had such a warm heart and truly spoke passionately about her work. She personalized the tour by telling us detailed life stories, and happenings of the artists' work that we were viewing. This museum was very unique in the fact that it was completely opposite of for example the MET museum because the space was very comfortable, colorful, and modern. She spoke how some of the artists had A.D.D. and couldn't focus in school yet they still made a huge sculpture that took them 7 years out of toothpicks- yes, toothpicks. This inspired me to take advantage of all my skills, and to appreciate my health. 

The next day, we greeted incoming people for the ECO-Fest in which speakers came to lecture about environmental issues such as the climate, global warming, pollution, coaling, fracking; etc. Monks from Tibet even arrived to demonstrate their cultural singing to an audience of 500. It was greatly educational, and eye-opening. The facts struck me, but the emotions of the speakers especially - Laura Antrim Caskey, an award winning photojournalist was tearing up while speaking about fracking and the people it heavily affected. Her emotions made me respect her so much more because I recognize how deeply and passionately she cares for her activism.

       The trip was extremely educational, personal, and gave me a great outlook. I truly enjoyed Baltimore, and I hope to visit again soon.

                                  The wonders you'll find in the A.V.A.M. ladies' room!

I liked this creativity in the writing however I totally DISAGREE with the statement: "If we're dumb, people find it cute." Excuse me - being uneducated in not at all cute. Therefore ladies' show the world more than your beauty-show them your thoughts. Be educated. Question. Think for yourself. Never let someone say you're cute, because you shouldn't portray cuteness, you should portray POWER.

The Girl's Club produced the following photos! :D

The Founder Rebecca

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