Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Lower East Side Girl's Club 3rd Annual WALKATHON!!! :D

On May 7th, as a proud member, I didn't only walk for the Lower East Side Girl's Club, I walked for the future of girls. Over 200 people joined in benefiting the new building for the girls that will be made in 2012. The event was brightfully colorful, and the smiles were contagious. Each girl giggled from excitement after walking a block closer to their goal of raising money for the new building. Picture a parade of humongous pink gowns, balloons, pink bandannas and a personal marching band that accented the Girl's Club chanting almost magically. The Cinderella's don't need a man to make them happy, they just need a whimsical place full of opportunity and a safe haven for being themselves. A place that is more magnificent than any castle - The Lower East Side Girls Club! <3

Lady Gaga's Personal Trainer joined our walkathon! Yeah!

This is the site where the new Girl's Club is being built!


The # of steps I took! :o

My wonderful photographer Yangzom Dolma <3


  1. it looks like girls just wanna have fun

  2. Goooo Girls Club!!!