Thursday, May 26, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Like mother, like daughter.

From Daughter to Mother, By Nova

My mother Dijana is my sacred jewel in life.

She is the armor around my body that protects me.

She is the rope that pulls me from falling off a mountain when I need help.

She is the sun that keeps me shining.

She is the face of courage and no fear that persists me to realize my dreams.

She is my biggest supporter and loves me without any judgement.

She is my fashion guru, no Vogue needed.

She is my life coach, no Dr. Phil needed.

She is my cheerer, no cheerleaders needed.

Dijana is truly the best mother in the world. She is the most open-minded human being I have ever meet. She is the biggest role model that I will ever need to keep me going. She teaches me to dream big. She teaches me to voice my opinion. She teaches me to be independent. She teaches me to be my own person. She teaches me to laugh at life. She teaches me to not take things too seriously. She teaches me everything is for a reason, and although I may not know why right now, I will find out later in life. She is my source of happiness.

From Mother to Daughter, By Dijana:

YOU ARE here because I called you.

I called you from the Universe.

Like Santa Claus gives gifts away…

I asked for the most healthy, smart and beautiful girl.

And I got YOU!

My brightest star.

My Super Nova.

When you were a little girl you shared with me your innocent dream: “Mom I would like to be a star.”

I hope you will always remember what I told you: “Don’t worry, you are already a star. YOU ARE Nova”

My dearest human creature: you are my light in the darkest nights, you are my smile, you are my hope, you are every bit of my heart.

When I hug you at bedtime, all the problems, fears, dilemmas…everything disappears.

It’s only you and me.

And that is ALL what matters.

When you fall asleep I listen your breathing

Oh, what a precious gift from God…You are breathing.

Everything other than that is a luxury I don’t mind for.

I am the happiest being on the planet Earth already.

Dear Nova,

thank you to making me who I am- Nova’s mom.

I love you forever.

Eternity is not enough…

Your mommy

My best "project" ever-my little Nova

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