Monday, April 25, 2011

Painting the Light To The End of the Tunnel of Optimism (More Photos to Come!)

Hand us some textured paintbrushs,and bright neon 80s paint and the Girl’s Club will paint MAGIC! Bringing vibrancy to a dull colored neighborhood, GC painted two murals which were hung up with plastic ties against the fence of a grass covered field. The empty field is an official toxic site and has been just that for over 30 years, and central city residents hope to build a community center to bring positivity and hope to the neglected New Orleans district.

All dreams start with a plan...The idea behind the murals!
Nikolina'sHearts of the World. What does your heart have to say?

We painted Sunflower's (a local Louisiana artist) truck that had been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

She LOVED it so much!!!

Artist Nikolina who is known all around the world for her artwork which always depicts her heart symbol.

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