Friday, November 19, 2010

Matthew Williamson

"You have to have a vision and then everything else will come into place."
The release of Matthew's new book entitled "Matthew Williamson", is the definition of his unique eye for style.
"[This book] is the reflection of who I am and where we made it as a company."

Matthew Williamson along Harper’s Bazaar features editor Laura Brown & Patricia Mears.
The talented designer's first days in the fashion industry, were spent working with Pucci in Italy for 3 years.
When asked what made him leave Pucci, he grinned and sarcastically answered, "my contract was over, and it wasn't worth two jobs - it's like reading two books at once, and you confuse the characters."
"Now my life is filled with fittings, meetings, and show producers. It's like a patchwork of different meetings, and working with different design teams."
"I've stopped trying to be something that I wasn't. I tried to fit in for a long time and I became intoxicated with India and watching the beading. It was such intense work and I wanted to bring that to my work. Then I became myself."

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