Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glamour Awards 2010: "Two Decades of Inspiration & Hope" (ALL photos taken by me)

Ahh its that time of year again! Glamorize yourself with some glitter, pumps, and red lipstick! These woman evoke optimism, change, beauty, and a sense of humor!
WARNING: I was that noisy girl clicking 100s of photos and jotting down all of my favorite quotes. BEWARE when a journalist sits next to you - they're restless.

Jane Aronson - She asked me with an attitude "who are you" while I asked politely if I could take a picture. 
I was speechless. I replied "a blogger."
You know for a humanist/activist I would of just expected a smile and "nice to meet you."
I guess looks can be deceiving. I didn't judge this book by the cover, yet I wish I never glanced the shelf.

Janelle Monae

  Bill Wackermann Editor in Cheif of Glamour Magazine
Arianna Huffingon - Editor in Cheif of Huffington Post
Queen Rania jokingly states why she started the twittering sensation:
Reason 10- "I started twitter because I didn't have enough friends on facebook."
Reason 9 - "Because anything Queen Elizabeth can do, I can do better."
"Intolerance will drive us apart."

Hilary Swank recognized Donatella Versace as "a lion in heels."
She is "a good luck charm to children around the world," with her selflessness to help fund charities.


With the previous death of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson personalizes Versace's Glamour Award . "We both know what its like to lose our brothers and collaborators too soon. When I called you to dress us for the funeral, I knew no one would understand me like you would. You dressed us with love."

 Donatella Versace
Mike Bloomberg - "too bad I wasn't called up for an award.
But at least I'm going to Save The Music Foundation after this.
I served the music by playing the piano for a year.
I didn't save the music, but I saved my teachers sanity."

Lindsey Vonn
Katie Couric pridefully says [women] "We're not just frying the pan,
but we're bringing home the bacon - turkey bacon of course."
"Harass is one word not two."
When Dr. Hawa Abdi (alongside daughters) was held hostage by rebels for providing a refugee camp she bravely spoke back and said "this is my property - leave us alone! We want peace."
"We are three brave woman that are determined to change life in Somalia. We are asking you to help us make peace happen."

Kate Hudson

Fergie cried from joy of being honored by this award.
"You have to have an honest you and use it however you can.
You don't have to sing to make everyone hear.
I for one am listening.
We are woman - hear us roar."

Jake Glaser (son of Elizabeth Glaser)

Diane Sawyer comically says "for myself who doesn't want to go to the gym in the morning, let this woman (Katie) be your caution."

Katie Sportz

Chelsea Clinton

 Kelly Osbourne is extremely fierce and outspoken. Just the way I like it.
"Being gay is not wrong. Judging and bullying is.
I never heard of any God that hates and judges.
My God loves every person."
(to Constance) "F*** the prom, you're dancing with me tonight!"

 Constance McMillen - "Why would I go to prom with a guy - that's pointless!"

Oprah introduces Julia Roberts: "She looks at you and seizes you. She makes everyone feel like the most important person in the world and she loves life."


HAHA what a character! Julia Roberts accepts her Glamour Award, and with a wide smile laughs and says "what the hell is this?! Does it have something to do with glamor or woman? Lets have a few drinks and figure it out!
There are two things I want to say:
1.) Know when to say yes and when to say no!
and 2.) Girls don't tuck your hair behind your ears- it doesn't look good."

Susan Rice

President Dalia Grybauskaite of Lithuania
"Woman in politics aren't here for fashion, but for reality.
Everything is possible, even holding this award in one hand."
NOTICE: she actually held it in one hand *gasp*

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova of Slovakia
"We are strong enough to touch, to laugh, to live.
We still have enough energy to live with you [husbands] - do you need further reason of us being here?"

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar of Trinidad and Tobago
"The young generation is here and represent a presence in leadership and further reading of Glamour magazine.
Woman! We are all together!
Also our country is great for investment!" *wink wink*

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia
"Our commitment is to move you [girls] from farms and put you in schools to teach you how to read so you could follow your passion. So that you can live in a world of dreams, setting goals, and being leaders like us."

Stanley Tucci - (about Cher) - " You're all well acquainted with her, and I'm exhausted from being acquainted with her!"

Former soldiers pay tribute to Cher for starting a program of rock climbing for injured soldiers.

Cher - "My mom told me to be something, but just because I got this (Oscar) doesn't mean I'm someone, I'm still on my way.
I've never believed in no. Don't take no as an answer because its a BS word someone made up. Until you're ready to look foolish, you're not ready to be great"

Cindy Levy



Glamour's Goodie Bags were Glamorous indeed! <3


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