Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010!! (ALL photos are taken by me)

My first stop at Fashion's Night Out!
Lancome- Special Event!
For a BIG reason!...
 Model for Lancome's newest fragrance Tresor in Love.

Maybe it wouldn't be that interesting if she wasn't the daughter of Isabella Rossellini, who was the first world famous actress representing the fragrance of one of the biggest cosmetic companies - Lancome! 
In 1990!

This is a picture of Isabella Rossellini that my mom took backstage after Armani's Fashion Show in Milano, Italy in 1992.

Let's go even further! Elettra's also the granddaughter of golden director Roberto Rossellini and legendary actress Ingrid Bergman (who doesn't remember Casablanca?!)

3 generations of beauty

"You took a photos of Elettra, I took a photos of Isabella, unfortunately grandma didn't take a photos of Ingrid!"
(Kathy Griffin should watch out my mom's coming ;] - HAHA)

 So, Elettra Wiedemann and Arlenis Sosa popped up at Lancome for a special event... "Open Tango Lessons!"
 Who wants to dance the tango?! Well they sure wanted to! Grabbing their male instructors Sosa and Wiedemann drifted across the cascading tiles. Laughing uncontrollably the audience was entertained by their resonating smiles.


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