Monday, September 20, 2010

When the Boogy Man Blows the Sun Away, The Goblins Come Out and Play!

I flipped through my Seventeen Magazine, and I noticed a new purple page. But not one with fashion, or body peace, or boy advice, but rather one about a concert!This year was the first year of Seventeen on 34th, a day when Seventeen Mag took to the streets of the Big Apple and conquered 34th st. The day was filled with colorful bite size addictive cupcakes, fortune cookies, candies and juices along with fashion shows during the day. Then the night took off with singers Hot Chelle Rae, and Neyo! And who could forget the fun goody bags! Truly a-must-not-miss-event on my planner circled wide with a red sharpie, and highlighted.  

*WHOA moment* Ann Shoket took me from the crowd of girls and said "I have to have a picture with this girl because of her headband". Then she asked me to give her a tutorial on how I made it! Oh such a fabulous fashionable woman, I grew up reading Seventeen and to have her in my presence is such an honor AND a conclusion on a big part of my childhood! Ann truly deserves a Glamour Award!

Ann's gives up the cutest Fall Fashion Forecast! 

Aeropostale Fashion Show!

Oh the Golden Ticket for V.I.P.! Who's going to win it?!

And so the night captures my body, and I start to dance...
You know what Ann's thinking...why wouldn't Seventeen on 34th be a holiday? 
Well its official- The Proclamation is out from Mike Bloomberg!!!
The best night will now be continuous, Seventeen on 34th is EVERY year now!!!

Hot Chelle Rae was by fact HOTTT

 Neyo's concert was well performed. It's at the end when things got a bit dangerous- 
Neyo started taking his shirt, tie, and hat off (only with undershirt and pants on) 
But wait! 
That wasn't the dangerous part! (ha!) 

He threw his shirt and tie into the audience and these girls on the left in the audience got into a fist fight! Security was pulled in and still they wouldn't stop-then you will never believe this...
Neyo said "give the shirt to the girl with the glasses - she got it first."
*Can you imagine Neyo waiting to start his song, while two girls were pounding each other?* 
But I have to give him props for calling out the girls and ending the madness!!!

Goodies Bag really had good goodies! Yum Yum, Chomp, Chomp, CHOMP~!

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