Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres crowned Mardi Gras King and Queen of the L.E.S.G.C.!

 It was such an honor to crown actor Steve Buscemi and his wife, filmmaker, choreographer, and artist, Jo Andres as Mardi Gras King and Queen  of the Lower Eastside Girl's Club and we're SO thankful for their support! Once Steve was crowned, he said to the audience, "now that I'm King, Rule #1 is to FOREVER support the Lower Eastside Girls Club!" When I heard the actor himself would interview US instead of the other way around, I was in shock and couldn't wait to represent the L.E.S.G.C. where I've been involved for the past SIX years, can you believe it?! I PRACTICALLY grew up in the place and was there through everything as being one of the earliest generations of girls! Where does one start talking about such an AMAZING thing xD ?! The girls and I definitely enjoyed out night full of silly masks, colorful face painting, and dancing the night away to some of the local acts from the Lower Eastside being featured! 

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