Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creative Time sponsored: Between the Door and the Street Event

Creative Time sponsored: Between the Door and the Street, which was an incredible experience to take part in! Girls and women ranging from different backgrounds and religious beliefs all represented their respected organizations focusing on women empowerment. The Lower Eastside Girls Club gathered on the stoop in Brooklyn amongst 400 other selected participants for some much needed "girl-talk." But this wasn't your regular, 'this nail polish brand lasts longer than this one,' or your daily Mean Girls line exchanging contest! Instead these convos carried a heavier weight. They pertained to answering questions such as 'what is the best way to raise a boy/girl,' 'how can we end violence for women in the world,' 'how can you tell the difference between exploiting and liberating a woman through her sexuality,' 'whats the worst situation occurring right now that has to do with girls;' etc. as well as our hopes and dreams for the future of women's rights! It was an amazing social experiment and being a passionate feminist, and humanist, I truly enjoyed the stoop conversations and the impact that it had on the interested audience (even when we couldn't break the 4th wall) to hear youth speak, analyze and answer essential questions.






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