Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising in NYC!

Being apart of The One Billion Rising Committee as an organizer, it was amazing to see after months of attending enthusiastic meetings at Eve Ensler's home and bouncing off of each other's ideas that One Billion Rising came to be on February 14, 2013!
Everybody put down the cliche chocolates (ok, ok, I meant to say ate them before the know, for energizing V-DAY purposes..) and women and men came together AROUND THE WORLD to dance against the statistic of 1 in 3 women being raped or beaten in their lifetime-that makes a drastic switch to 1 billion women, which is appalling.
The Lower Eastside Girls Club and I brought our colorful banners, bold "girl's rule!" shouts and optimistic smiles to this event, as we rose up that day, and danced away violence against women. This global event surely brought about international awareness, and I'm glad that I could be a personal part of it!
To find out more information, click HERE!

Dancing in the store windows at ABC and outside!

Actress Rosario Dawson and I taking a stand together!

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