Friday, November 16, 2012

Glamour Awards 2012 : Women of the Year!

The Glamour Awards speak for itself. Glamorous...But why? Because it doesn't represent 'glamour as in beauty,' but rather glamour in making a difference. Each year I get motivated by the courageous, and fearless women who are often oppressed because of their gender. Their empowering moments about facing challenging differences, speaking their opinions, and protesting for their rights, uplifted me. These are powerful woman taking charge in different industries ranging from activists to actresses-each leaving their mark. Truly an inspirational night that I couldn't be more proud to celebrate. These women, to say the least, are 'on fire,' as Alicia Keys would say.

Katie Couric

Cindi Leive
"When woman of the year want to do something, they just go and do it. Don't take no for an answer."

Cory Booker

Booker and the Red Cross helpers during Hurricane Sandy

Pharrell Williams

Winner Zaha Hadid
"I want to thank my family for giving me confidence in my next steps."

Winner Erin Merryn
"Everyone of you knows a person who has been sexually abused-these children live in our backyard, and we allow people like Sandusky to abuse, and you have the power to do something, and you do it!"

Anna Wintour

Winner Annie Leibovitz

Chelsea Clinton

We welcome the newest woman in congress and senate!

Diana Von Furstenberg

Winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (left) & acid attack survivor (right).
Sharmeen said, "for many woman in Pakistan, if their families support them, [in trial] they win!"
 1,500 acid attacks occur annually; 80% of these victims are girls and women.


Winner Jenna Lyons
"I'd like to thank my mom who supported my expensive endeavours-including photography classes, which I failed!"
"When you see a fancy girl with a polished title-I didn't start that way. I started as an assistant working in the hallway. Nothing worth having is not easy, and it does not happen overnight. Make your passion, your job!"

Winner Ruth Bader Ginsburg
"Most of my life, my lucky number has been 2-2nd woman to supreme court of the United States, but I am to be named the first supreme justice of the year!"

Joy Behar

Cynthia Nixon

Mamie Streep

Chelsea Handler

Winner Lena Dunham
"I encourage woman to not be shy when it comes to your rights-whatever that means to you!"

Winners Rory & Ethel Kennedy

Ethan Hawke

Winner Selena Gomez
"You have a voice. You have a right to pursue what you want. I want to thank my mom, for showing me strength."

Mary J Blige

Phillip Phillips

Winner Gabby Douglas

Winner Allyson Felix

Winner Kayla Harrison

Winner Carlie Lloyd

Winner Missy Franklin 
"You up on the balcony, (where I and the Girls Club sat :)) are the women of the year, because I bet that you will end up here one day as woman of the year."




  1. Nova, one day, i see Glamour Aw in your hands:)

  2. Yes you will! And ill be damned if you dont!