Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Tyra Banks' Flawsome Ball for the Lower Eastside Girls Club!

The Lower Eastside Girls Club was founded in 1996 by a group of passionate and enthusiastic leaders, including the Associate Executive Director, Jenny Dembrow. Since then, this team of dedicated women have been raising money to open up their own building in the L.E.S., and last night’s benefit raised money to help fund the next generation of unstoppable, goal-oriented girls!

Tyra Banks hosted the Flawsome Ball on October 18, 2012 in the beautiful and spacious Capitale in the Lower East Side. The benefit will help support the opening of the 30,000 square feet Lower Eastside Girls Club that will ready for use in January 2013, and the Tyra Banks’ TZONE which will offer empowerment programs within the building.

Being a member of L.E.S.G.C. myself for four years, and seeing the transition from a small location on 1st Street to the new location that will offer academic, career, health & wellness, arts, media programs and more. The Girls Club will also have its very own Sweet Things Bake Shop, Fair Trade Gift Shop, Book Store and Farmers Market Center and so much more!

The idea behind “flawsome” is you+your flaws+awesome = flawsome according to Tyra! My flawsome was “I’m gonna love my Croatian nose,” which was depicted in the programs (which 17 mag printed btw!), and on a huge poster in the lobby! It was the most incredible feeling when I performed an original monologue in front of famous guests such as 17’s very own Ann Shoket, Gayle King, Chanel Iman, Mary Alice Stephenson, Rob Evens from “America’s Next Top Model”, Rosario Dawson, and many more!

The special guest performing was Drake who greeted the Girls Club girls, and even asked for suggestions on what songs to sing! I suggested “Make Me Proud” (which he sang!) which felt so personal to him being proud of our accomplishments.

The event was uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging! I couldn’t be more grateful for the resources that the Girls Club has offered for me! I want to bring my passion for feminism to help future generations of girls to feel confident and follow their aspirations. With the support and care of the people that have helped support the Lower Eastside Girls Club, I feel confident with reaching further, speaking louder, and dreaming harder than ever before, to make my voice, as tall as my vision.

The Tyra Banks Flawsome Ball was magical :)) I got a standing ovation for my original written monologue. SO blessed. ♥ Couldn't be more thankful. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART Lower Eastside Girls Club!!!!!!!

Tyra and I!

 Drake and I!
 My girls and I!


Model Chanel Iman

All the tables had a specific "flawsome"

 Tyra and editor in chief of Seventeen Magazine, Ann Shoket
To say the least, Actress Rosario Dawson & I are good friends, who feel comfortable around each other, to do, well...friendly things ♥ :)) #FLAWSOMEBALL

Tyra and her mom

Tyra and fellow TZONE member

Jenny Dembrow and Lyn Pentecost

Clay Aiken

Simon Doonan, Barney's Creative Ambassador

Tyra and Rob Evans-judge on America's Next Top Model

Aoww! Models pose together!

Mary Alice Stephenson

Director and I

Jenny Dembrow and I

My supportive Mom with Jenny!


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