Sunday, June 12, 2011

$ MATTERS so start counting those pennies!

Did you know?!
Con Edison has lowered green house gas emissions by 30% over the last 5 years?!

They have new ideas of how to continue this decline...
-incorporating steam systems, burning natural gas, not burning coal in the city, using clean nuclear power, hydro- fracking (getting gas by drilling into the rock), painting roofs white, and green roofs with plants on top (which Con Edison incorporates), .


Yum!!! Great way to start off the day - with nutrients to power your brain!

 The city of lights that's powered on ConEDISON!

Katherine L. Boden, Con Edison Vice President of Gas Operations
Rosemonde Pierre-Louis, Deputy Manhattan Borough President
"Woman make a bulk of decisions in the borough of Manhattan-yeah girl power!"
"I love the song who runs the world...Girls! It captures the true girl power. When I'm in the club, and that song comes on I get a little crazy!"
"We now have girls that are presidents, and prime ministers of countries and as I like to say, we kicked the door to the boys club to set a seat at the table."
Anna Lappe, Author
"Behind the perfection of all these wonderful speeches is hard work."
Arlene Ducao- DuKode
"Learn how to apply creativity in non-conventional ways."

Latham Thomas- Tender Shoots Wellness

Judith Helfand - Filmmaker

Dawn Hurley- In charge of SHONA

Miki Agrawal- In charge of SLICE (

Sustainability NYC Shop = eco friendly

Very creative & cute! Talk about homemade!

Computer tech coaster-  Too cool! I hope you don't get electrified from a little water spilling! ha!
bio-plastic toothbrush!

A timer for you shower!

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