Sunday, March 27, 2011 say you have dreams?!

How about meeting some of the most influential people from all industries ranging from theater, fashion to film?
No brainer huh?
PEN AND PAPER in hand, I couldn't stop writing the overly remarkable stories, quotes and life motto's spoken wisely by the inspirational panel. 

Cathie Black

I'm so thankful, appreciative, and honored that Sade personally read my application and accepted me into this empowering program!

Sean Ringgold

Bill McFarland

Erin B.Weissman

Todd Pierce

Jay Harris

Hal Aronow-Theil

Melissa Archer

Gbenga Akinnagbe

Michelle Miller & Jeff Pegues

Mary Alice Stephenson

The Actor's Workshop was really spectacular because we got to write out our own scenes, and act out scenes from episodes of One Life To Live by the side of the show's main actors!

Todd Pierce & Rob Cantwell

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